21 April 2019 Update: New Paperwhites are in stock!

- Reading materials for your Kindle

The Kindle itself is easy enough to get from us. The FUN part is what happens after that! Where do you get reading materials for your Kindle?

The Kindle Store



The Kindle Store is the best place to start; it's the world's largest ebook store. In Singapore, it may be a little difficult to get books, so we have the Concierge Service to help you out and make the buying process that much simpler. If you're geeky enough, you may also DIY.


Free books

There are so many free books available from Amazon from all genres. So many that it would be impossible to finish downloading them!

Another source of free books is the entire Project Gutenberg catalogue. You can transfer these free books directly into your Kindle. More freebies here.



Using Calibre, it's possible to convert RSS feeds to be put into the Kindle.


Personal documents

You can put in Word documents, jpgs and PDF documents into the Kindle by emailing yourname@kindle.com . This email address is found at your Amazon account. Documents sent to this email address will be automatically transfered into the Kindle using WiFi.