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Once upon a time in 2009, I decided to buy a revolutionary reading device called Kindle from Amazon in the US. It was a fascinating piece of work, and could be used in bright sunlight. No other consumer technology was able to do that at that time.

One peculiar thing was that Amazon didn't support users in Singapore directly, so I wrote a blog entry to show others how to buy the Kindle and books. As new models appeared, I updated the blog entries, now totaling more than 1700 comments. These entries became a sounding board for local enthusiasts who had problems buying the devices and books. More than 1000 people also emailed with questions over the years including The Straits Times, which published a story on an interview I had with them called Unitasking. The best ST article I've ever read. :)

In August 2013 I decided to start this Internet shop to help people who may well be benefiting from reading but are not buying the Kindle due to the difficulties that sometimes arise in international trade. When you buy from me, not only are you buying a physical product (all sellers do that), but also a long-term relationship in terms of tech support and other assistance that you may need. Look around the website, and click on the Contact Us button on the right to have a chat. :)



Jeffrey Yen



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