21st July Update: New stocks have arrived!


Which Kindle should I choose, the Oasis or the Paperwhite?

The Oasis is marketed as a 'high-end' product. It is expensive, and the latest version has a 7" screen, the largest that Amazon has ever released. The chassis is slick and it's very comfortable to hold.

The Paperwhite works the same way as the Oasis but it's a little bulkier. It is perfectly serviceable though, and our recommendation is to get the Paperwhite unless you have disposable income to spare to buy the Oasis. 

Should I choose the ads version or the non-ads version?

Our recommendation is to buy the ads version as it is less expensive. This version has a strip of ads at the main book titles index page. The ads never appear in the books themselves. It is possible to remove the ads by paying Amazon US$20 subsequently if desired. Our experience has been that lots of people prefer the non-ads version as they don't seem to mind the extra expense!

Do you provide books/free books with a Kindle purchase?

No we don't. The reason is that 1) for free books, it is easy to transfer them to your Kindle yourself, and 2) for non-free books, it is out of the question that we provide them free of charge for our customers as it would be considered piracy.

I have seen other sellers selling Kindles at a much lower price. What's up with that? 

Amazon produces 2 versions of the Kindle: 1) sold at amazon.com and targeted at US residents. 2) sold at amazon.co.jp and targeted at Japanese residents.

It is possible that the Kindles you've seen sold by others are Japanese sets. They are very much cheaper than the US set, but:

if there's a problem with the set and the customer needs to get it exchanged, Amazon US honours only US sets*. Japanese sets owners need to communicate with Amazon Japan for technical support, and that would require the customer to be able to speak/write in Japanese. For this reason, we only stock US sets, even though they are more expensive.

**We have verified this when we tried to help a customer obtain US service for a Japanese set; the serial numbers are all known to Amazon. The Kindle with a faulty battery/motherboard thus became unusable with no recourse to an acceptable solution.