9 Nov 2018 Update: The Oasis is back in stock! $30 discount on leather covers for previous Paperwhites!


Which Kindle should I choose, the Oasis or the Paperwhite?

The Oasis is marketed as a 'high-end' product. It is expensive, and the latest version has a 7" screen, the largest that Amazon has ever released. The chassis is slick and it's very comfortable to hold.

The Paperwhite works the same way as the Oasis but it's a little bulkier. It is perfectly serviceable though, and our recommendation is to get the Paperwhite unless you have disposable income to spare to buy the Oasis.  

Do you provide books/free books with a Kindle purchase?

No we don't. The reason is that 1) for free books, it is easy to transfer them to your Kindle yourself, and 2) for non-free books, it is out of the question that we provide them free of charge for our customers as it would be considered piracy.

SGKindleshop.com is now selling 'Chinese sets'. You used to sell 'US sets'. What's the story? 

Around August 2018, it became impossible to buy Kindles from amazon.com due to new restrictions (first time in 10 years since the launch of the Kindle) preventing units being shipped to non-US addresses and US freight forwarding addresses. We decided to obtain our units from Amazon.cn as they are still able to ship units to freight forwarders.

For all intents and purposes, the two variations are the same product. US sets and Chinese sets are both made in China. When you buy Kindles from amazon.com and amazon.cn, you get US and Chinese sets respectively. Both versions are multi-lingual and can be associated with your amazon.com account. The only differences are the language printed on the packaging (Chinese vs English), as well as warranty support. Having the US version entails communicating in English with US tech support; having the Chinese version will mean communicating in Chinese with amazon.cn support. SGKindleshop.com will provide assistance in such warranty claim situations.